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Get a Domain and Web Hosting

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What is a Domain

A domain and web hosting is necessary to run any website. The domain name is yourwebsite.com. So it is the address where people will find your website. We recommend you stick with .com, .net, .org. But there is also other extensions you can chose from.


What is Web Hosting

The web hosting is where your website lives. This is what holds all your website files, images, content, and website assets. This is what makes your website visible to the world.


What Web Hosting Company Should I Use?

We do get a small commission if you click on our link from A2hosting but we have negotiated a better prices for you! You will get 63% off if you go through our link.

A2Hosting is the cheapest and most reliable domain and web hosting company from our experience. We personally use them for our websites. 

Step 1: Chose Your Web Hosting Package

The Lite package is if you will only run 1 website. The Swift Package is if you will run more than 1 website. The Turbo Package can run unlimited websites, but the speed of the website will be super fast. Chose the best package for you.

Step 2: Chose Your Domain Name

In this step you will either Register a new domain or you will chose I will use my existing domain and update my nameserver. If you don’t own a domain yet chose Register a new domain. If you own a domain already that you would like to use and bought it some where else, chose I will use my existing domain and update my nameserver.

Next enter the domain that you want to use in the box. If you are registering a new domain the domain has to be available. To check if it’s available click on Check. If the domain is not available you must chose a different domain. Once you chose a domain that is available click on Continue.

Step 3: Chose Your Billing Cycle

You can chose a billing cycle of 1 month, 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months. We recommend at least 12 months since this will save you money. The larger billing cycle you get, the bigger savings you will get.

Under the Auto-Install Application section select WordPress in the dropdown menu.

Make sure to save the username and password it generates for you. It is very important and you will need it later.

Next you can click Continue.

Step 4: Domain Configuration

We recommend you add the ID Protection. This will protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox. But this is optional. Once you decide whether you want to add this click Continue.

Step 5: Review

Make sure everything is correct and click on Checkout.

Step 6: Checkout

Make sure everything is correct and click on Checkout.


Once you have checked out you now have a domain and web hosting. Please contact us with the A2Hosting login details, and the WordPress username and password from Step 3! You can email us at info@affordawebsite.com or text us at 657-445-5855

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Text us: 657-445-5855